Witnesses Outraged After Boone County Jailer Allegedly Assaults Man at State Fairgrounds

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Thousands of Iowans had the 28th annual Goodguys Speedway Motors Heartland Nationals car show circled on their calendars.

“It’s so amazing to look at all the American beauty of all the classic cars,” said Ben.

On Saturday night, more than engines were revved into high gear after a senior citizen showed off for some children in the crowd by performing a burnout. “He did a quick little burnout because kids were sitting on the sidewalk saying rev up your engine and burn some rubber.”

The move upset two men who thought it endangered children in the area.  “Next thing you know you heard, ‘Hey you old mother-f-word,’ and he grabs his left shoulder and clocks him in the lower jaw,” Ben said.

Kevin also witnessed the incident and says the man who threw the punch was John McCormick, a Boone County jailer.  Ben said, “John McCormick identified himself as a Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy.  He attacked a 69-year-old man.”

As the fight seemed to be settling down, that’s when witnesses say it escalated to a terrifying level.  Ben said, “The guy who claimed to be a deputy sheriff was like, ‘I should kill you.’ Next, the old man said, ‘Why don`t you do it?’ And the man pulled out a gun out of his right pocket.”

The incident remains under investigation with the Iowa State Fair police but no charges have been filed.  “I’m very disappointed there have not been any charges yet.  It just kind of feels like it is being swept under the rug,” said Kevin.

Car show attendees were greeted at the main gate with a sign that says all weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited, bags are subject to inspection and the fair has the right to remove or deny entry to individuals for noncompliance.  Ben believes McCormick violated them on many levels.  “You`re not supposed to have a gun in a gun-free zone, let alone this man was intoxicated.  He was so intoxicated that I don`t think he knows what was going on,” Ben said.

Now some witnesses are shaking their heads as to why more hasn’t been done to McCormick.  Ben said, “If that was me or that was you and if you pulled a gun on fairgrounds, they would have came in guns blazing making you get on the ground arresting you. The only thing they did was confiscate his gun and escort him off the property.”

The Boone County Sheriff did not return Channel 13’s calls to discuss McCormick’s involvement. The Iowa State Fair Police Department has agreed to discuss the matter on Wednesday.

NOTE: Ben and Kevin both agreed to speak with Channel 13 on the condition that only their first names be used. 


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