Winterset Group Recommends Rebuilding Cedar Bridge as a Full-Sized Structure

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WINTERSET, Iowa- The Madison County Covered Bridge Preservation Association on Thursday voted to recommend rebuilding Cedar Bridge, as a full-scale covered bridge like the former bridge, but this would not carry vehicle traffic, according to Heather Riley, of the Madison County Chamber of Commerce.  The decision must be approved by the Madison County Board of Supervisors.

“A lot of fact-finding went into this,” said Riley.  “This happened back in April and here we are first of October, we’re still kind a looking into resources and things that are available.”

The second Cedar Bridge was set on fire last April.  Since then, community leaders have been meeting to decide how to rebuild the structure.  The original Cedar Bridge burned by arson as well,in 2002, and was re-built in 2004.

“We really did a lot of research and have been all over the place in terms of possibilities,” said Riley “Now we’ve  come all the way back to building Cedar Bridge back what we all know , except for no vehicle traffic.”

The Cedar Bridge rebuild would cost $550,000.  Already fund-raising is underway.  A local pledge event for the Cedar Bridge will be held Sunday at Agri-Vision Equipment Group from noon to 3 pm.  Another fund-raiser will go on during the Covered Bridge Festival Oct. 14-15th.

“That’s the day we want everyone to bring their $5 donations, or their $500 donations, let’s collectively put that one together, and see where we are.”


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