During Winter Storm Driving, Be Prepared to Help Others and Yourself

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MITCHELLVILLE, Iowa — When traveling in winter storms, you never know how things can turn for the worse in a short amount of time.

At the Interstate 80 rest stop westbound at Mitchellville, crews were working to keep drifts from taking over the doorways.

Right around noon, a young man came into the rest stop building to ask if the attendants had a shovel or any tools. His car was stuck on the on ramp to the interstate. He was blocking any car traffic from leaving.

A rest stop attendant took his snow blower out to see if the drift could be moved to allow the car to pass. A plastic snow shovel was used to try to dig the tires of the car free.

This caused a problem for cars that wanted to leave but had to turn back.

Then, Doug Korslund and his daughter, Julianne, arrived on the scene carrying a large corn shovel, just like those found on many Iowa farms.

After a while of digging, Doug Korslund hopped behind the wheel and was able to get the car backed out of the drift, and the couple were soon on their way again.

“Dig out from under the tires first, and keep the tires straight so you can back it up, then don’t over accelerate. Most people try to push it too hard,” said Doug Korslund. “Drive slow, carry a shovel and warm clothing and water in your car always.”

Doug Korslund said he requires his daughter to also carry a shovel in her car.

“You know you’ve got to help people because if someone is stuck there, you want someone that’s going to do the same thing for you. Instead of sitting around, you want to get out and help,” said Julianne. “Make sure you have hats and gloves, and when you see someone that’s struggling, don’t be afraid to get out and help because everyone’s trying to get somewhere at the end of the day.”

Doug Korslund came from Chicago, but he carries a big, old corn shovel, as he hasn’t forgotten his Iowa roots. He grew up on a farm near Eagle Grove.


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