WINTER RETURNS: Ready For Snow In Fort Dodge

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It seems Mother Nature is a bit confused on the season. Folks in Fort Dodge enjoyed temperatures in the mid 70’s Tuesday.  By Wednesday night they were seeing a mix of rain and snow.  Forecasters say by the time they wake up Thursday they’ll have a few inches on the ground.

Kalen Guthrie of already put his snow shovels away for the season.  Now he’s digging them back out of the shed anticipating have to dig out from the snow. “They’re all put away.  Everything’s put away.  I’ve been raking my yard…been raking grandma’s yard and doing summertime stuff.  Taking kids to the park… the whole nine yards.”

And wife Amanda is equally unenthusiastic. “I’m just ready for it to be summer and be warm so we can go to the park everyday.  Go swimming.  Can’t do it with snow.”


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