Windsor Heights Walmart Area Could Become a Town Center and Mobility Hub

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WINDSOR HEIGHTS, Iowa — A metro Walmart location is on the company’s short list for turning the parking lot into a town center.

The concept of a new addition would be to the Windsor Heights Walmart just off I-235 at 73rd Street.

The possible concept shows new stores and restaurants would be on the west end near Walnut Creek.

“This is something we’ve been dreaming about for a long time,” City of Windsor Heights Mayor Dave Burgess said.

The proposal is still in its very early stages and is mainly a concept, but Burgess said this project would also turn the area into a traffic hub for public transportation.

“Their diagrams and stuff do more like a traffic center. Where you would be able to park and ride. Perhaps have rentals to have bicycles, mopeds and make this a biking hub as well,” Burgess said.

DART Chief External Affairs Officer Amanda Wanke said this concept fits with their ideas for the future because the bus stops at this location are some of their busiest in the metro.

“So there’s between 100 and 150 boardings a day, meaning people are getting on a DART bus a 100 to 150 times a day there. So it is one of our most heavily used stops already, taking it to the mobility hub concept, exactly what that looks like we won’t know for sure I know it won’t be a building like DART Central Station, but it’ll be having those multiple mobility options together in one place,” Wanke said.

Walmart is considering similar developments in eight other cities.

Unfortunately, the concept images for this Walmart Reimagined project are no longer available to the public to view.

In an email to Channel 13, a Walmart Spokesperson Delia Garcia said this is the reason for that change, “At this time, we’ve taken the step of limiting access to interested real estate developers to continue exploring the concept.”


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