Windsor Heights Speed Cameras Set To Be Removed in April

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WINDSOR HEIGHTS, Iowa – The Windsor Heights City Council approves the removal of its speed cameras on University Avenue.

The Windsor Heights Mayor Dave Burgess said, “The contract is over. It’s been good for a long period of time… it has reduced speeding by well over 50 percent. As I’ve said before it works.”

The two cameras will be removed when the contract ends on April 21st, until then tickets will continue to be issued.

Chief of Police Chad McCluskey said officers will enforce the speed limit in other ways. One is to utilize the digital signs that depict a driver’s speed. Those two signs are owned by the city.

“The other side will be some additional enforcement and education by the officers as needed throughout the University corridor specifically,” McCluskey said.

In 2017 the cameras led to an average of 1,100 tickets a week for the first month.

Des Moines Resident Whitney Knightly said she has received a ticket from the cameras in the past.

“I used to avoid this street and now I drive it pretty much every day to get to work. I think even just raising it the five miles per hour that they did helped a lot,” Knightly said.

The speed increased to 30 miles per hour on University Avenue back in June.

McCluskey said someone will receive a $65 citation by the camera if they go up to 15 miles over the current speed limit. That will increase if an officer pulls someone one.

“They will hit your driver’s license, they will hit your insurance. It goes through the court system. So there will be additional consequences for speeding that the cameras currently don’t offer,” McCluskey said.

Knightly said she is glad to see the cameras turned off.

“Not having the speed cameras there will hopefully encourage people to come over to this side of Windsor Heights and go to the businesses,” Knightly said.

Burgess said at this time the city council is unsure if they will bring the cameras back. The council is looking into a construction project beginning next year that will impact University Avenue.


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