WIND FOCUS: Reaction To Presidential Debate

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Many people hear "wind energy" and they think of Iowa. Apparently, so do the candidates. The state's role in wind energy production was mentioned by both Governor Romney and President Obama in Tuesdays night’s Presidential Debate.

“For example, with wind energy, when Governor Romney says these are phantom wind energy jobs, when you've got thousands of people right now in Iowa, right now in Colorado, who are working, creating wind power with good manufacturing jobs, and Gov. Romney says I'm opposed, get rid of it, that's not an energy strategy or the future,” President Obama said during Tuesday’s debate.

Governor Romney responded Tuesday night, and said. “I don't have a policy of stopping wind jobs in Iowa, and they're not phantom jobs, they're really jobs. I appreciate wind jobs in Iowa, and across our country. I appreciate the jobs in coal and oil and gas and I'm going to make sure we're taking advantage of our energy resources.”

Not only was wind energy in general mentioned, but specifically the candidates brought up the production tax credits. The tax credits will expire at the end of year unless congressional action is taken. That is just one reason wind energy leaders in Iowa are happy with the state's mention in last night's debate.

“We need to keep Iowa in the forefront, we need to keep developing and bring new technologies here and keep it in the focus so we don't lose our place,” said Kathy Law, the President of the Iowa Wind Energy Association, “Because I think a lot of people in Iowa don’t even realize what a big player Iowa is in the wind energy industry and it just helps put the focus on us as maybe a new place for companies that don’t already have a presence in Iowa to come to Iowa.”


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