CUMMING, Iowa — An Iowa City hot spot is officially moving closer to the Des Moines metro.

Wilson’s Orchard is opening a new location in Cumming, right outside of Des Moines. The owners plan to open the orchard in April 2024.

The orchard will have a 125-acre polyculture farm with animals, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, and a garden filled with flowers. They are also building a cider bar and restaurant as well as a bakery, which they hope will help them highlight seasonal flavors. Another attraction for the upcoming orchard is their seasonal farm market.

Paul Rasch is one of the owners of the orchard. He said that these attractions are what separates Wilson’s Orchard from the rest.

Rasch said, “We offer a chance to get outside in a really beautiful setting and enjoy some great food. And really a chance to build a community of people that are like-minded that want to see local agriculture thrive.”

He also said that they will host several events and activities for the public to enjoy. Some of these activities will be ticketed, but there will be many free events for people to enjoy.

More information will be available on their website.