WINDSOR HEIGHTS, Iowa — Windsor Heights is the latest metro community to change when they celebrate Beggars’ Night. Windsor Heights will now hold Beggars’ Night on the last Saturday of October.

Windsor Heights was inspired to make the change after Bondurant did it last year.

Mike Jones, the Mayor of Windsor Heights, said that there are many benefits to holding Beggars’ Night on the weekend.

“If you’re a parent, you’re hurrying home, you got to work in dinner somehow, and then you could be out for two hours, you could be up until 8 o clock at night on a school night. And a kid is, they’re all wound up they want to eat candy, they want to keep the party going. So why don’t we just put it on a weekend? It’s better for parents, it’s better for kids, it’s a quality of life improvement,” Jones said.

Windsor Heights polled residents and 60% were in favor of making Beggars’ Night fall on the last Saturday of October.