DES MOINES, Iowa — When it comes to kids, the recent school shooting in Texas and other gun violence events may seem like unspeakable horrors, but mental health experts do say they’re important to address.

Local therapists tell us that as kids are processing this tragedy they need to be told by their parents that they are safe.

If your child is experiencing anxiety, it is best to acknowledge it, but don’t escalate their fears or worries, and keep a close eye out to see if their emotions are affecting their daily routine. 

“Being positive, but realistic when speaking in regards to anxiety, these are all things that we could do to decrease the symptoms. But one of the main things is just to keep an open line of communication with your children with members of the community. Make sure you’re that one that can be a positive, non-judgmental source to individuals to talk to,” said Kenneth Cameron, a Licensed Mental Health therapist in Des Moines.

If a child is having difficulty sleeping or getting anxious about going to school, parents may want to seek further guidance.