Where in the World is Chet Culver?

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There’s been a bit of chatter this afternoon about the whereabouts of Iowa Governor Chet Culver. It seems like they originate with two main sourcees, at least from the folks I’m hearing.

Perhaps, it began with an article from the Des Moines Register‘s Kathie Obradovich. She wrote about a discontent among some the governor is less than attentive to requests for information/conversation/time, etc. The right-leaning, http://www.thebeanwalker.com/, then put out a story this afternoon questioning where the governor will be Thursday. That really upped the chatter. The website cites a source with an email that alleges the governor was a last-minute cancellation for a breakfast tomorrow.

Culver’s Spokesman Troy Price later sent out a statement regarding the gov’s schedule:

Hello All,

We wanted to pass along a note letting you know that Governor Culver is traveling out of state starting tomorrow through Friday The Governor leaves tomorrow morning for Washington, D.C., where he will participate in a series of events with the Democratic Governors Association. The Governor will return to Iowa Friday afternoon, where he will attend a reception in Iowa City to honor Grant Wood with the Iowa Award.



I can’t find anything listed on the Democratic Governors Association website that mentions any events tomorrow. The next scheduled events that are listed take place in November.

UPDATE: The governor’s office told me he will take part in a fundraiser with other Democrats in D.C. The lt. governor is filling in at the breakfast in Iowa on behalf of the gov. So, in other words, no mystery. No conspiracy theory.

Now, if I could just find my St. Louis Cardinals’ missing offense!


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