WHEELCHAIR CHALLENGE: Helping Disabled Athletes

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Sometimes you don`t always appreciate what you have until you lose it.

“We`re talented Division 1 Athletes but we`re also very lucky and I think we take that for granted sometimes,” says Aubrey Colemen of the Iowa Hawkeye women’s field hockey team.

Able-bodied athletes took to wheels, in the Wheelchair Challenge at the University of Iowa Fieldhouse in Iowa City.

They went up against, the Iowa Chariots in a game of basketball. It’s a team of athletes whose members have disabilities.

The Wheelchair Challenge is an annual fundraising event sponsored by physical therapy students at the University of Iowa. They are raising money for Sportability of Iowa, an organization that helps people with a disabilities get involved in sports.

The organizer of the Iowa Chariots says they enjoy reaching out to people

“Just because you have a disability it in no way shape or form means you can`t do things like this…at the same time it`s really awesome to see able bodied people coming here and enjoying having fun in a sport that isn`t specifically designed for them but a sport none the less,” says Jayden Barrett.

The program Sportability of Iowa is always looking to help people with a disability to get involved in sports.


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