WHO 13 NEWS –  Freezing temperatures are doing a number on a lot of central Iowa homes. Pipes are starting to freeze, even with furnaces running around the clock.

If it happens at your house, experts say you’ll want to handle it now before pipes have a chance to burst.

“It should be a good reminder that you should’ve prepared earlier if you’re having issues,” Nicholas Wanderscheid, service manager at Schaal Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling, said.

There are things you can do to prevent frozen pipes. Wanderscheid suggests dripping water from the faucet, opening cabinet doors underneath the sink, and insulating pipes.

“If you’ve had pipes freeze before and they’re not frozen now, insulate them now to keep them from freezing,” Wanderscheid said. “That’s a cheap, easy way to prevent an expensive repair later.”

He adds if you know where your pipe is frozen, you can try to use a hairdryer.

“But do it slowly and carefully because if that pipe has frozen and expanded, the pipe could burst,” Wanderscheid said. “If you’re gonna thaw pipes, turn the main water supply off before you start thawing it just in case.”

And if in doubt, call the experts to give you a hand.

“When it is this cold, problems are going to be there and we’re going to deal with them retroactively so proactive is the best solution whether it’s plumbing or the heating and cooling side right now,” Wanderscheid said. 

He advises people to get a yearly plumbing inspection so they are able to handle those problems proactively.