DES MOINES, Iowa — All it takes is one slip or slide on winter roads to leave a car stalled or stuck.

With the winter system moving into Iowa, a tow company wants people to be aware of what tow trucks can or cannot do during storms.

“If your vehicles off on the shoulder, off in the ditch, it’s going to wait until after the storm is settled,” said Andy DeBoard, the owner of Perry’s Service. “After the storm you’ll run into that period where that tow ban is in effect. At that point tow trucks cannot legally come onto a state or federally funded highway or interstate system to get your car.”

DeBroad added that the only way a tow service would be able to get a car during a storm, is if the car was blocking travel and police call to authorize their assistance.

After the storm, if your car needs work, know that there will be a waiting list at most shops.

“Any time after a big storm, wait times get extended way out. Your typical service, you may be waiting for 45 minutes to an hour after a snowstorm. Maybe two, three, four hours before we can get you,” said DeBoard. “It doesn’t matter how severe the storm is or how minor it is. Cars, especially when it is cold, things break.”

DeBoard said that people should not travel these next several days unless absolutely necessary. And if you do, bring a jacket, blankets and something to keep you hydrated just in case of an emergency.