What Election Results Mean for Healthcare Issues

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Healthcare was on the minds of many voters Tuesday Night. Iowa Democrats heavily campaigned on the issue of ending managed Medicaid in Iowa . However, Republicans held the Governor's Office along with the Iowa House and Senate meaning no major change to Medicaid is coming. It has some Iowan's like Vickie Brown worried, "I cry because I don't know what my future is going to hold," she says while wiping away tears.

Gubernatorial candidate Fred Hubbell said he'd fix the state's healthcare program by trying to change it from a private Medicaid system back to a state - run program. Brown, who has a pre - existing condition, says she's not able to afford her medication and fears the Reynold's administration will not take care of people who rely on Medicaid.

"What`s gonna happen to us? The governor doesn`t care. She doesn`t care," Brown says.

The Governor's Office says that isn't true. It released this statement:

"Governor Reynolds will continue to focus on ensuring our state's Medicaid program is sustainable in the future for Iowans who rely on its critical services. That means making sure the program helps patients improve their health and that our doctors, mental health care providers and others are being paid in a timely manner. The governor has already made many positive changes to the program since taking office and will continue to find ways to make it better."

Newly elected state representative, Jennifer Konfrst, hopes to bring concerns like Brown's to the table this session.

"My hope is that the fact that voters were talking so passionately about those things is that it will resonate with people on both sides of the aisle and we`ll realize that there will need to be some changes, she says. Konfrst was elected to the House District 43 seat Tuesday night. When it comes to health care, she says she'd like to see a shift back to a state - run Medicaid program but knows that won't be easy. She is now encouraging Iowans to turn their concerns to change, no matter the issue.

"The voices they expressed to their elected officials about this is issue cannot stop. They have to continue to talk, they have to continue reach out and they have to continue to advocate for change."



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