Wet Fall Weather Holds Back Apple Buyers

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GRANGER, Iowa — The wet fall has been great for growing apples, but not so much for people coming to buy apples. Bryan Etchen runs Iowa Orchard, his family business from the long time orchard in Urbandale, and has a self-pick orchard outside Granger.

“It’s a busy time to come out and get the pumpkins and the pies and the cider that’s all right now in October,” said Etchen. “We’ve been rained out a couple Saturdays and Sundays, so it’s really important to come out on those dry days even if they’re weekdays.”

Etchen said the rain has helped some 3,000 trees planted at their Urbandale Orchard. Those trees will be yielding fruit in coming years.

“As far as the rain and the fall goes, we really implore to all of the customers across Iowa to go to the local orchard and support them on the sunny warm gorgeous days,” said Etchen. “We only have a couple of weekends here to make our income for the whole year, and they get rained out it’s devastating us.”

Etchen said the orchard still has many apples.

“This is red delicious and this type of apple is available now at the pick-your-own orchard. They’re massive, they’re dark, dark red, they’re mildly sweet,” said Etchen. “These are pink ladies. They are incredibly crisp and have a sharp tart flavor.”

Etchen said the Jonathan Apples this year were huge, possibly because of all the rain.

For information on Iowa Orchard, click here.


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