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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa  —  On Monday, the Board of Cosmetology suspended the license of a metro spa owner.

The board found Ashley Van Zetten guilty of fraud. They say she offered services outside the scope of her profession and allowed unlicensed employees to perform services that require a license.

Van Zetten runs SkinGym Dermatology & Medspa in West Des Moines. Due to the violations, Van Zetten’s license is suspended for 90 days followed by three years of probation. She was also ordered to pay nearly $4,000 in fines.

Channel 13 reached out to Van Zetten’s attorneys, who issued the following statement:

“The February 27, 2017, findings by the Iowa Board of Cosmetology (Board) are based on concerns by Board members that from September, 2011, to November, 2011, it is unclear whether a former spa (MedWest Health and Aesthetics) co-owned by Ashley Van Zetten had adequate medical direction as required by an Iowa Medical Board regulation.

“The Iowa Medical Board regulation, which came into effect in October, 2010, had been in place for a year at the time of this incident. Board members said that it was not clear, from the evidence provided, that Ms. Van Zetten was in compliance with that rule for the two-month period six years ago.

“Counsel for Ms. Van Zetten has grave concerns, not only about the Board’s jurisdiction to discipline Ms. Van Zetten for an Iowa Board of Medicine regulation, but also that the Board based its decision on insufficient evidence to conclude that Ms. Van Zetten’s former spa was operating without appropriate oversight or operating in a manner that required oversight.

“Ms. Van Zetten’s current West Des Moines business, SkinGym Dermatology & MedSpa, while named by the Board, was dismissed as the Board found that the two-month period in 2011 preceded the creation of SkinGym Dermatology & MedSpa.

“In addition to dismissing all of the charges against Ms. Van Zetten’s current business, SkinGym Dermatology & MedSpa, the Board also found that there was no evidence to find that Ms. Van Zetten attempted to obtain, possess or administer controlled substances without lawful authority. The Board also found there was not enough evidence to support the allegation that Ms. Van Zetten misrepresented herself as a nurse.

“Most importantly for the patients and public is that there were no allegations that Ms. Van Zetten harmed any patient or took advantage of any patient financially or otherwise. In fact, the complaint to the Board was made by the owner and staff of a competitor medical spa who had worked with Ms. Van Zetten at Medwest and who the Board described as, “defensive and unwilling to answer some of the questions put to him at trial.”  No complaint was made by a patient and no patient was interviewed or cited as a basis for the Board action.

“In regard to formerly published allegations that Ms. Van Zetten financially exploited her clients, the Board found explicitly that, ‘… the State; however, failed to present any evidence whatsoever regarding this count and asked, at the close of the hearing, for [this count] to be dismissed.’

“Ms. Van Zetten and SkinGym Dermatology & MedSpa remain committed to providing the safest service to its clients and reminds the public that the allegations were made by a competitor, not a patient.”