West Des Moines Public Library Prepares for Large Renovation Project

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – The West Des Moines Public Library is preparing to undergo its largest renovation project since 2003.

The $1.74 million project will create a teen and young adult section, replace carpeting, re-paint areas, and more.

Senior Engineering Technician for the City of West Des Moines Joshua Clayworth said the teen and young adult section will be located on the first floor.

“We will take the existing living room café space, reduce it to really just have a table and some vending machines and then on the other side of that we will make it an open teen and young adult space that will set aside from the rest of the building,” Clayworth said.

The open layout will have desks for people to work at, computers and private kiosks.

West Des Moines Public Library Director Darryl Eschete said employees are moving around 30,000 items into storage as the library prepares for the project.

Employees are also updating their computer system for items that will no longer be available during renovations.

The library closed Monday and is estimated to be closed until October 26th to prepare for the project.

“I guess something to just keep in mind is that it won’t be your typical library experience for a little while. It might be a little messier, a little noisier, a little less orderly but on the backside of it, I expect this place is going to be much improved,” Eschete said.

The library will be open during construction. Construction is estimated to be completed in the spring of 2021.


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