WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – A mother and daughter are now published authors after creating a children’s book together.

“The book is about a friendship between my dad, her grandfather and a dog,” Christina Bahe explained. The book is called “Papa Bill and Oscar.” Mom Christina wrote the book, while daughter Camryn drew the pictures.

The book is for children, but it covers a big theme. Bill passes away in real life and the book is about Oscar the dog coping with that loss. The two said creating the book together was helpful in the healing process, and they hope other young people are able to learn something too.

“I think it was several months after my dad had passed away that you know we always talked about him and Oscar together and we always thought wouldn’t that make a great book for kids. Because as a teacher, there’s just not those great books that are done with animals or an easy way to talk about it in the classroom,” Christina Bahe explained. “And so that’s kind of where our idea came from.”

The book is available for purchase online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

The Bahes will be having a book signing on Dec. 4 at Barnes and Noble at Jordan Creek Mall from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. It will double as a fundraiser for Jordan Creek Elementary, where Christina Bahe is a teacher.