West Des Moines Library to Close During Renovation Project


WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — The West Des Moines Public Library is planning to close down on October 27th and reopen on November 12th. The library is now a year into a $3 million renovation project.

“Where consultants identified difficulties with the currently out of the building young adults teenagers really don’t have a space for their own to come in and use the library on their own terms,” said Darryl Eschete, Director of the West Des Moines Public Library. “You want to have an age-appropriate feel, and that’s what this is going to do for those who walk into this.”

The project is scheduled to be complete in April.

“Nobody’s posting any delays with the project because they were able to work at such an accelerated rate when we were close to the public,” said Eschete of the closure ordered last March by the Governor when the pandemic hit. “I believe we were closed for about two weeks maybe three weeks at that time we had to be forty-thousand items in storage that remain in storage we had to rearrange large portions of the furniture.”

While the library is closed there is another location in West Des Moines where card-holding patrons can check out books. The library has spent close to $100,000 to purchase a book vending machine located in Valley Junction. The new machine was funded by the West Des Moines Public Library Friends Group entirely, and an enclosure was built by the City for the project.

“Going back to the strategic plan for the West Des Moines Public Library, another sort of a gap in our service was identifying was Valley Junction,” said Eschete. “Historically there was a library in Valley Junction, this is a way to bring direct more direct library service back to Valley Junction.”

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