DES MOINES, IOWA — Wells Fargo is closing most of its offices in downtown Des Moines and one of its West Des Moines buildings and consolidating employees at its Jordan Creek campus. The move affects employees at 800 Walnut Street and 206 8th Street in Des Moines and 7001 Westtown Parkway in West Des Moines. Wells Fargo will maintain its offices at 801 Walnut Street.

In an e-mail to employees, Wells Fargo writes that the new location will offer improved amenities for workers including free parking, an on-site gym and better food options. Wells Fargo tells WHO 13 that there will be “no displacements” due to the move. A few select groups of employees will remain in downtown Des Moines, including the legal department.

Wells Fargo said the reason for the consolidation was to promote a greater sense of community within its workforce. In a statement to WHO 13 Wells Fargo said “we believe bringing our employees together at our Jordan Creek campus will help create a more collaborative work environment that will provide them with access to new, more modern workspaces, technology, and amenities while building a stronger sense of community at work.”

In response to the announcement made by Wells Fargo, Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie said Wells Fargo’s move is disappointing.

“The decision made by Wells Fargo to relocate the majority of downtown positions to their Jordan Creek location is disappointing and frustrating,” Mayor Cownie said. “We believe downtown offers amenities that exemplify the benefits of working in an urban core and matches a national trend that other employers experience in locating their workers downtown. We are unsure how many workers would be affected; however, this decision follows Wells Fargo’s announcement earlier this month that they were reducing their position as a home mortgage lender. I am confident their decision does not reflect on the quality of workforce or economic environment provided by our city.”

The move from the three buildings to the Jordan Creek campus will take 11 months to complete. Wells Fargo says employees will be notified in the coming months about when and where they will be moving. Wells Fargo hasn’t said yet how many employees will be involved in the shift.