WEEKLY WORKOUT: Sonya & Erin jump into a very special pool to get a unique workout

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There are only a handful of Hydroworx pools in the state. One of them is located at Walnut Ridge Senior Living Community in Clive. We got the chance to try it out for a workout of the week.

It doesn't look like a pool, until you remove the guardrails and lower the floor. In less than a minute we're standing in shoulder-high water.

"Once the participant is in the water, the floor is actually a treadmill belt. It ranges in speed from zero to eight and a half miles per hour," says Nik Drey, the Wellness Director at Walnut Ridge. "There are also resistance jets that are able to supply some resistance."

Underwater cameras capture our gate from the front and side, giving us immediate feedback.

"So while you're in the pool, you're able to look straight ahead and see what your running style or walking style is without having to look down."

After a few minutes of walking, Nik turns up the treadmill and turns on the jets. You can feel the resistance created by the jets while walking, running or swimming.

Nik says serious athletes use Hydroworx to get in a great workout, with less impact on their joints.

"These pools have been utilized by pro teams, major colleges and universities, even the Navy Seals utilize this pool."

It's also beneficial for people recovering from an injury or battling diseases like Parkinson and Multiple Sclerosis that can lead to loss of balance and motor skills.

"Anyone with balance issues this is a great pool because when you're in the water, the chances of falling are very slow and gradual. So you're able to catch yourself much sooner than what you would on land."

Most people utilize the pool to walk or run, but you can also swim against the resistance of the jets.

"You get a fantastic workout."

And one that's easy on the body.

While the Hydroworx pool is located in the Walnut Ridge Senior Community, anyone can utilize it. It's $15 for a 15 minute session or $30 for a 30 minute session.


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