WEEKLY WORKOUT: Erin and Sonya discover "WorkoutBOX", an internet exercise service. Just print out the workout and use it at your convenience

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Personal training is expensive, and sometimes hard to schedule.  For this Workout of the Week, we met with an Iowan who says he’s solved both of those problems.  Travis Steffen has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, and a booming business. “With this service you’re not getting a cookie-cutter diet plan or a cookie-cutter exercise program,” he explains, “We make everything specific to you.”

It’s called “WorkoutBOX” and it’s on your computer. “Anyone who has access to the internet and a tape measure can use the service,” says Travis. “You print off your workout, do it whenever and wherever you want and you don’t need an appointment with a personal trainer.”

Lucky for us, we have an appointment – and Travis is putting us through the paces. “Squats are something we design all of our workouts around. Most people don’t realize it, but this move is a total body workout.” Squats, Romanian dead lifts and bent over rows make up our first sequence of resistance training. The great thing is – “WorkoutBOX” gives you the same program for a fraction of the price.

“You get unlimited access to me and the rest of our fitness team and all the systems we offer for less than ten bucks a month.” And included in that price are custom nutrition guides. “We can tell you exactly what you need to be eating each and every day, down to the calorie, the carbs, protein and fat.”

Everything’s based on the information you enter when you sign up. From your measurements and gender to your goals and experiences. Travis says you don’t need to worry about getting bored or hitting a plateau. “With these workout box programs, each week your reps and sets change, after a four week phase, the exercises are going to change.”

Nothing about “WorkoutBOX” is easy but that’s the point. Travis is a former collegiate athlete and he believes all of us can train like one. “Training appears all physical but in reality it’s only about ten percent physical and ninety percent mental.”

So sign up, and see what you can do.  Travis is making it easy for Channel 13 viewers.  Just go to www.workoutbox.com/whotv and follow the steps.  Use the promo code “WHOTVPromo” and you’ll get a month for free!  If you want to cancel, send an email to support@workoutbox.com.


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