DES MOINES, Iowa — Wednesday is a chance for some potential voters to take their first step in participating in our democracy. It’s Iowa High School Voter Registration Day.

Participating schools across the state will give eligible students the chance to register to vote.

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate said students don’t need to be 18 to register or vote in the primary. They need to turn 18 before Nov. 7, the day of the 2023 general election for local elections.

Students don’t need to bring anything to register. They only need to know the last four digits of their Social Security number. Their driver’s license number will also work if it’s an Iowa license.

Pate said it’s important students take advantage and register because leaders are already making decisions impacting their lives.

“Government already impacts them in their day-to-day lives,” he said. “Something as simple as when you’re old enough to drive. The government is the one who in many cases sets the climate or the pace for what kind of job opportunities or what kind of school opportunities you might have. So your voice in helping select our elected leaders is pretty important and we’ve seen a lot of young people stepping up. In the last two elections, we saw new record turnouts for that 18-25-year-old group.”

Anyone can register to vote on the Iowa Secretary of State’s website. They can also download a form and mail it to their county auditor or register in person at their auditor’s office.

Voters can also register at the polls on election day.

Pate said people do not need a photo ID to register to vote unless they’re doing it at the polls. They do need a valid ID to vote.