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A bride to-be wondered how she could pull off her dream wedding after her fiancé was hurt on the job.

She made the tough decision to put her wedding on hold after realizing they could no longer afford the big day.

While she waited for her partner to heal, she contributed 32 random acts of kindness to help the Ames community.

Channel 13’s Jodi Whitworth was there when the community returned the favor.

Megan Erickson thought she was giving other brides ideas for their dream wedding. Putting thoughts of her postponed wedding aside.

“During the production for the fashion show she was talking the entire time about how excited she was for the wedding and everything,” recounts Pure Bridal’s Kaysie Carter. “But also saying that she couldn’t really have what she was wanting just because of finances and everything”

Money was tight after her fiancé was hurt on the job. Megan put down $100 towards her dream dress in October but had to come back two months later saying she couldn’t afford it.

Megan’s fiancé, Jarrod Vancannon says they were in a difficult position, “I know she wanted a big wedding and I couldn`t give it to her.”

Megan didn’t want to sit around being sad so she did what she could to make others happy.

Carter explains how, “She said that the hundred dollars she put down, she wanted that to go to the very next bride who bought her dress and which that just incredible for us.”

It didn’t stop there…

She plugged expired meters and gave cookies to local businesses. Hoping for nothing in return.

Neither did Shari Busse, “I only give to put a smile on somebodies face. If I can help somebody, I will do it.”

Busse works at Shari K Jewelers and heard about Megan’s story and knew she had to do something.

As a jeweler, she also knew how expensive wedding bands can be. So she donated Megan and Jarrod’s.

Others helped, too. From a wedding dress to a honeymoon, Megan and Jarrod’s wedding was soon completely paid for.

Now, it was time to tell her at the runway show to give others wedding ideas.

It turns out, Megan’s walk down the runway was practice for the big walk she didn’t think she’d get; to become Mrs. Vancannon.

Her now soon-to-be husband says it couldn’t have gone to a better person, “She has a lot of kindness and that`s what I love about her, that I can see there’s something in her heart, there’s a lot.”

Pure Bridal was inspired after Megan’s acts of kindness and have decided to continue giving. They will now give away a full wedding package to one lucky bride every year.


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