Webster County Courthouse Clock Tower to Undergo Repairs

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FORT DODGE, Iowa — The Webster County Board of Supervisors has decided to spend $5 million on a new roof for the courthouse and to repair damage to the tin skin for the clock tower on the courthouse.

“It’s iconic. If you look at a lot of business letterhead, you’ll see it,” said Mark Campbell, chair for the Webster County Board of Supervisors. “A lot of different activities that go on, for promotions you’ll see it used, we’re very proud of it.”

The supervisors became aware of a problem when a piece of tin landed on a nearby business downtown. The supervisors hired a consulting firm to inspect inside and outside, using a drone to find where the damage was located. The supervisors will also replace the roof and a skylight in the building.

“It will be a bond, and along with this project, we’ll be replacing all the slate, as you see here, and the rubber roofing,” said Campbell. “We’ll be restoring some brick work. It’s not just a clock tower, but it’s the whole roof.”

Around three years ago, the county replaced the clock faces on all four sides of the tower.

“Not all the copper will be replaced. We’re going to reuse and recycle as much as possible,” said Campbell. “When the project is done, it will be two tones. You’ll have the green patina that we currently have, and then we’ll have some of the newer copper up there that we’ll age to make it match as much as possible.”

The project is expected to take around a year, once contractors get started.


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