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WEBSTER COUNTY, Iowa — The Webster County Board of Supervisors has voted unanimously to ask the Iowa Utilities Board to no allow the use of Public Domain for a carbon pipeline.

“At the last Board of  Supervisors meeting we had some people come express their interest in us signing a letter asking the  Iowa Utility Board not to give eminent domain to a private company,” said Mark Campbell, Chair of the Webster County Board of Supervisors, “We support any growth and Iowa and Webster County when it  comes to  industries and other companies, however when a private pipeline wants to use eminent domain to go across somebody’s property they should work with that property owner to figure out a way to make it work for everybody.”

Webster County joins more than 20 counties which have already made a request to the Iowa Utilities Board.

“I’ve no tilled my farm for over 10 years I said it takes a long time to build up that soil structure,” said Allen Hayek, who has farmed with his family in the area over 60 years, “They’re they’re just going to literally tear it up in one year and it’ll take me another 10 years to build it back up again.”

Hayek’s son Austin is taking over the family farm, as his Dad will move into retirement.

“When I look at the future sustainability of our farm once we tear that up and I have to change my farming practice that’s it’s incurred expenses on me it’s it’s trying to get our soil quality back,“ said Austin, “I’m trying to work a job, I’m trying to raise five kids, I’ve got a wife and I want to make this farm sustainable for the future.”

The Hayek’s said they are looking forward to attending another hearing on carbon capture pipelines in their area, in the near future.