DES MOINES, Iowa — Families got some. So did businesses, schools, health care providers, state and local governments, farmers and others. In all, Congress has allocated more than $4 trillion in COVID-19 relief, treatment and recovery. Republicans, who hold the minority in Congress, frequently blame President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats for the high level of inflation that’s followed. But economists say those additional trillions in federal spending (some of the money has only been allocated but hasn’t actually been spent yet) aren’t the only reason that inflation is running at about twice the level that is has averaged over the past 60 years. Although, that spending did contribute.

Congress has awarded $10.56 billion to Iowa. See where the money is going here.

U.S. Representative Cindy Axne, a 3rd District Democrat from West Des Moines seeking her third term, acknowledged that Democrats may have pushed too much money into the economy. But she contends that the perilous times of COVID-19 necessitated that Congress take dramatic action.

“Yeah, I think that we did put a little too much extra in,” Axne said in an interview on “The Insiders.” “We had to make sure that we shored up on the economy, which we did. We did that on the fly. So think about that. Think about running a government while a worldwide pandemic is occurring for the very first time people have experienced, right?”

Watch Axne’s opponent, Republican state Senator Zach Nunn of Bondurant, explain what he said should be done to help the economy.