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DES MOINES, Iowa – According to the Identity Theft Resource Center about 9 million credit and debit cards have left people’s identity exposed through over 160 data breaches in 2017.

There are various safety measures a consumer can do when shopping online or in the store, which include:

  • Shopping at a trusted store that is familiar
  • Talk to your bank about how to keep a closer eye on each transactions
  • Download an additional verified app to get notifications when transactions are made

SHAZAM Network Public Relations Vice President Patrick Dix said no one’s information is safe today.

“It’s time for consumers to understand your information is out there. The days are gone that you might think my information is protected, mine is safe. It’s out there somewhere. The trick is now, consumers have to take control of their own card security,” Dix said.

Dix said consumers should feel equally safe using their debit card as they do their credit card.

“The misconception is that, and I have heard a lot of people this, that if I use my debit card that somehow if the fraud happens that they can drain my bank account and I’m out the money. That’s not correct. Consumers are protected either way. I think the choice of using your debit or credit card, consumers should feel very safe that there is some backing there,” Dix said.

Dix said to do the research and educate yourself on using the different cards. There are different risks when buying online versus in the store, but Dix said  “you could just as easily have your information stolen at a point of sale as online.”

Go to your bank and ask questions. Dix said to not limit yourself and get educated.

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