WAUKEE, Iowa — Since Northwest Waukee opened in 2021, a new rivalry has developed in Dallas County. One man who knows about this budding rivalry, is Chris Guess, who was Head Varsity Girls Coach for years at Waukee before he took the new Northwest Waukee job as the Girls Varsity Head Coach.

Guess said the last meeting between Waukee and Northwest Waukee in December there was a packed house.

“When we played here at Northwest, the environment was something, the crowd was packed, they were here at 5 p.m.,” said Guess. “When we get to warming up and you come out and see the gym full and have that kind of environment, electricity, that was a good experience for the kids.”

Guess said he wished every coach and player could experience that feeling at least once.

“It reminded us of a high school state tournament game when you come out to Wells Fargo, and the lower bowl was packed and electric atmosphere.”

The longtime coach said he still pulls for the kids he interacted with at Waukee High.

“There’s a lot of good people there,” said Guess.

“I think it’ll always be a rivalry it’s all in good fun and good competition,” said Guess “I don’t know where else tonight in the state of Iowa you can see 3,000 fans at a basketball game.”