DES MOINES – Voters passed a $180 million bond referendum in Waukee Tuesday. The money will allow Waukee Community School District to complete many projects, notably the district’s 12th elementary school.

Dr. Brad Buck, the Superintendent of Waukee School District, said that the bond money will help with renovations for existing schools as well as new construction.

“We just need to get to work so the northern transportation center we have actually outgrown our existing transportation center, so that will be right away on the docket and then hard on its heels will be the addition to Waukee High School. We have some time on elementary 12 we’re in the throws of finishing elementary 11 right now so we have a little time on that. Some of the other projects we will move a year or two down the road but Brookview’s parking lot and Walnut Hills parking lot we want to get to those next summer,” Buck said.

To learn more about all of the projects Waukee Community School District is planning with the bond funds visit the district website.