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WAUKEE, Iowa — The brand-new splash pad at Waukee’s Fox Creek Park is shut down until further notice after several slip and fall incidents.

“Just kind of right off the bat we went in and had a slip and fall. I didn’t think much of it,” said Waukee resident Whitney Storjohann.

Storjohann says it’s common for young kids to take a wrong step, especially while playing, but it soon became clear there was something more to it.

“We started to kind of hear from the other folks there that had it happen to or someone they knew, and sure enough a few minutes later my other one took a dive and it just happened so fast. You’re right there with them and they just kind of slip and fall and nobody was running, everybody was walking,” she said.

The city has since shut off the water and closed the splash pad.

“It’s only slippery when I run on it. I haven’t seen anyone fall, but I’ve heard people tell me they’ve fallen,” said 9-year-old Jonah Feilmeier.

The city says their crews will take a look at the concrete on Monday to see why it’s becoming so slick. A trip to the pad found that the concrete does have a sheen to it even when dry and it looks different from the concrete surrounding the pad.

“I’m just glad that they’re listening to the community and taking a look at it before there are other serious injuries, hopefully,” said Storjohann.

Storjohann hopes the city is able to fix the problem soon because the pad was a welcome addition to her neighborhood.

“We live just a couple blocks away and it’s great. We’ve always through the years gone around to different cities in Des Moines and used theirs, so it’s really nice to have one close to home and we can just pop over after dinner on a weeknight or anything like that,” she said.

The splash pad is environmentally friendly and was part of a larger $3.2 million park project.