Waukee seeing continued growth after 2020 and 2021


WAUKEE, Iowa — There has been record growth for many cities in central Iowa in 2021, but for Waukee, the city has broken that record two years in a row.

City officials said Waukee has really focused on adding and improving infrastructure within the last year to support its expansion.

Waukee totaled $330 million in projects last year, which is about a 35% increase from 2020. 

There were 1,761 building permits issued in the last year in Waukee:

  • 672 were for single-family housing 
  • 153 permits were for townhomes 
  • 19 were for commercial projects

Now, city officials are preparing for continued growth over the next few years. “Waukee has lots of opportunities moving forward. We continue to have quite a bit of ground in really all directions to see growth occur and with you know, several different projects that are currently underway, including the Key Town loop project, which is a major entertainment venue development, certainly our Triumph Park which is a major youth sports complex, and then other employers such as Apple and others that are coming into our community. We certainly anticipate that growth will continue for many years to come,” said Asst. city administrator Brad Deets.

It is not just Waukee that has broken records with building permits in the last year, Urbandale and Ankeny have both broken their previous records and continue to grow as well.

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