Waukee School Board to Address Audit at Meeting, Will Not Answer Questions from Public

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WAUKEE, Iowa — For the first time, the Waukee School Board will address the findings of a recent state audit.

On Monday, board president Wendy Liskey told Channel 13 she will read a prepared statement at the start of Monday night’s meeting but will not be answering any residents questions or concerns during the 45-minute public comment period.

Waukee parent, Ginnie Coleman, says what’s happening within the school district is beyond comprehension.

“I just don`t how they are going to gain back our trust especially now that they are disputing the audit,” she said.

Last week, a state audit revealed the district improperly used $130,000 towards out-of-state trips, at metro restaurants and on office furniture. The audit prompted the district to put its chief operating officer, Eric Rose, on paid administrative leave.

Coleman questions why the district lacks financial accountability and why Rose was place on paid leave now after he previously admitted to misusing district money and property.

“You wonder what it is that he has that just keeps him there and them not enforcing the accountability of those bad decisions,” she said.

The mother of four stepped down as president of the district’s parent teacher organization last year. Coleman said she worked hard to raise funds for the school and to make sure it was used properly. She wonders why the district isn’t doing the same .

“I didn`t ever want our PTO to be in the situation we are in now where it took one accusation. Now look what we are dealing with.”

The school board has remained tight-lipped about the audit. Senator Charles Schneider says that needs to change. He represents Waukee and requested the state audit nearly a year ago. He says the board needs to be transparent. Schneider says, “They need to make sure they are properly following rules and procedures and to punish if they are not.”




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