WAUKEE, Iowa — The Waukee School Board is reversing its decision on future school boundaries.

Last month the board approved a split feeder model that would split some students when they enter high school in 10th grade.

Over 900 parents signed a petition against the model. At Monday night’s board meeting, some of them spoke about their displeasure with the board’s decision.

“You ignored the recommendation of the superintendent as well as the hundreds of parents and students who communicated their desire for 2b. These are our children and we will, as one parent said last week, never quit fighting for their best interests,” said parent Courtney Collier.

Colleen Powell also has kids in the district. She told the board, “I’m here tonight as I think a lot of us are for an explanation. I think we need to understand the passion behind option 1a and why the school board decided to go against the recommendation of doctor buck, the recommendation of the parents and the students.”

After the public comments portion, the school board decided to reopen the discussion about the decision. Talks extended for nearly two hours. Board members discussed the challenges of both proposed plans as well as their personal experiences that people told the board members about when the new northwest high opened and splitting students then.

In the end, the board voted to switch from the split feeder plan in order to keep students from the same buildings together.