Waukee Police Hoping a Home Camera Registry Creates Neighborhood Watch of the Future

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WAUKEE, Iowa — The Waukee Police Department hopes that residents in their community will help build the neighborhood watch of the future by registering their home security cameras with the department.

“I had probably 12 come in just this morning. You register you name, your address, how many cameras you have, where they’re located, and then an email address for us to contact you. If we were to have a crime or some incident in that area, and we maybe needed some additional resources, we may contact you and say ‘hey, do you have a good time and date that would work for you where we could come in and view that footage from this certain time frame?’” said Sergeant Mackenzie Sposeto.

Sposeto says that so far about 50 people have registered their cameras with the department.

The program is 100% voluntary and signing up does not give police automatic access to your footage or video streaming.  Police still have to get permission to view the video, and if someone would refuse, the department would need a court order to access it.

“Most cases, because they’re willing to sign up for that, they’re going to go ahead and be helpful to give that information,” said Sposeto.

One resident who has already signed up is Terry Snyder.

“I think it’s great, anything to help the police solve crimes,” she said.

Snyder bought her doorbell video camera to catch photos of deer in her front yard, now she hopes if it comes down to it she can help catch a criminal.

“It’s not like we’re spying on anybody, we’re just trying to protect what we have. Our police officers are spread so thin to begin with and anything we can do to help them I think is a win-win,” said Snyder.

Waukee residents can register their cameras on the Waukee Police Department website.


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