WAUKEE, Iowa —The Waukee Community School District on Friday opened their tenth elementary school when they cut the ribbon on Sugar Creek Elementary. Construction on the $19.5 million dollar school began in 2020 during the pandemic.

However, the district is not done with construction.

“We’re opening facilities on time, as we open facilities, typically we go through some boundary changes,” said Kirk Johnson, the Chief Operating Officer for Waukee Schools.  “So as this building Sugar Creek opened we moved from 9 to 10 elementary schools.”

The Waukee Community School District is able to keep providing new buildings as the district grows. They currently have a middle school under construction, and are building a natatorium, or swimming facility for the two high school swim teams in the community.

“We work with the demographer an actual planner that helps with enrollment forecasting so we do have kind of a four to five year outlook,” said Johnson.

The City of Waukee is also watching and monitoring growth.

“You know we still have lots of room to continue to grow,“ said Brad Deers, the City Administrator for Waukee. “There is a significant amount of ground that we can grow into to the west, and to the south and even areas to the north.”

The city last did a population survey in 2019. The town is growing from a population of 26,000 to possibly 65,000 to 70,000 in 2035 if trends continue.

The city is planning some commercial attractions like a shopping center and entertainment type attractions.