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WAUKEE, Iowa — 6-year-old Brendan Bowman from Waukee had been saving up the money the Tooth Fairy gave him after he lost his front tooth because he wanted to buy something special.

On Monday morning, he did. He bought donuts for police officers just because he wanted them to know he was thinking about them.

“Because I thought that would make them happy,” Brendan said about his deed.

Brendan figured police officers might be sad after hearing that five police officers had been murdered in Dallas last week. So he decided to share some of his favorite food with them.

Chief John Quinn admitted, “It has been a tough week for the profession.”

“When this young man came in,” Chief Quinn said afterward, “It touched me….it says a lot about him and his family.”

But he said people have been dropping off food for officers in recent days and that makes him feel how much the community appreciates the dedication and service of his officers.

“Thank you!” Brendan told the chief.

Brendan said his favorite donut is chocolate with sprinkles but he played it safe and bought glazed for the officers.

Brendan also told the chief that he wants to be a police officer when he grows up.