Waukee band members ready for reunion concert at Rose Bowl Parade


WAUKEE, IOWA — While Iowa football teams will not be a part of the 133rd Rose Bowl Parade, two Waukee High Schools will perform in the Parade of Roses.

“It’s not even just the hours [of practice] like we give a lot of blood sweat tears like passion, dedication, everything goes into this, so everything is going into this show,” said Waukee High School senior, Moesha Chhatlani.

“It’s super cool,” said Waukee High School senior Keegan Jagim.

“Especially after a year of not being able to go and now being able to go, it’s really exciting.”

However, the road to the Rose Bowl has been challenging. Initially, Waukee High School received an invitation to perform in the Rose Bowl in 2019, but the pandemic scrapped those plans. Then the district opened Northwest High School, separating students.

“We were accepted to the 2021 Rose Bowl parade, but that obviously got canceled because of the pandemic, so this program has been waiting over two years to get to experience this parade, and for me to come on and help with this has been a dream come true,” said Waukee High School Assistant Band Director.

“I’m actually super excited,” said Northwest High School senior Mallory Matzger.

“I have a lot of friends from the other school because I’m a senior, and we were together until this year, so everyone is quite excited to get back together and perform together.”

Since students attend different schools, perfecting their routines has been a challenge.

“We’re going to be marching together, so it’s finding that time when we can rehearse together and move as a unit,” said Northwest High School senior Colson Thayer.

The students are excited to perform at the Rose Bowl together.

“It’s really cool, especially for us seniors because we’ve been performing with our friends from Northwest for years,” said Waukee High School senior Keegan Jagim.

“How and now that we split this year, the past few months [have] been weird without them, so having this last marching band experience together is going to be really exciting.”

The bands will perform 76 Trombones from the Music Man, a Patriotic Medley, and Don’t Stop Believing by Journey.

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