Warren County Residents Speak Out Over Road Conditions

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WARREN COUNTY, Iowa –Warren County residents are fed up with the condition of the rural county roads.

“It’s horrible, and every year is like this” said Kelly Penman.

Penman lives on Arthur Trail in Carlisle.  The road was so muddy Channel 13 had to meet him up the road on 150th Avenue.

“We just wait for them to come at our mercy and put a little rock on the road. They’ve put three-inch rock before on that hill down there and it just disappears” he said.

Warren County put a temporary ban on vehicles over 10 tons traveling down these roads. While it means less damage to the roads, it also means other problems for homeowners.

“The garbage truck hasn’t been out, this’ll be the third week, the garbage is piling up at the end of the road ’cause they won’t come out” said Penman.

It’s not just Penman, Zelda Dyer lives on 73rd Avenue. She’s also frustrated.

“You can plainly see, they’re almost impassable; and the holes down by G24 the holes are so bad down there that you’re going over a large washboard. I have physical therapy tomorrow on Army Post and I don’t know if I can get there” said Dyer.

Newly elected county supervisor Aaron DeKock tells Channel 13 that rural residents are justified in their frustration.  He says the past several years they’ve seen inadequate amounts of rocks and gravel, combined with this year’s record snowfall. On Wednesday the board voted to pass a $333,000 budget amendment for 20,000 tons of more rocks. DeKock also says in the newly passed FY 2020 budget they’ve increased the engineering budget by a million dollars to work on more permanent solutions. Penman says he wants that long-term fix.

“You know, we all pay our fair share in taxes, there’s 60 homes within a mile and a half right here I think they sometimes think that nobody lives out here” he said.

The county engineer says their road grader operators are being asked to work overtime hours to help improve conditions.



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