Warren County Jail Closing With No Stop-Gap In Sight



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INDIANOLA, Iowa–  People packed a room at the Warren County Administration building Thursday morning for a meeting to decide what to do about the county jail.

Warren County Board of Supervisors met with the sheriff to discuss next fiscal year’s budget. The Warren County attorney says this is important because the jail closes Friday, and a temporary stop-gap on what to do next, comes out of that budget.

The meeting discussed two issues.

The permanent solutions which include building a new jail. Tax payers would have to pass a bond and pay for the it.

The others are temporary solutions: one is to rent two stainless steel trailers to hold suspects overnight until booked and transported to nearby jails.

The newest option is a cooperation agreement with nearby counties. The Warren County Attorney says this solution would create more work for Warren County Sheriff Deputies.

“The sheriff will still take possession of people at Warren County for booking. Once they take possession then he will transport them to Jasper County then, go pick them up the following day to appear for initial their appearance,” Warren County Attorney Douglas Eichholz said.


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