JOHNSTON, Iowa — Trees are blooming across central Iowa and some avid gardeners are now thinking about adding plants of their own…even with the threat of frost later on in the season.

Piney Ridge Greenhouse in Johnston opened for the season on the first day of April. Owner Ann Borwick has noticed a more sizable rush for plants than in years past and attributed it to the warm weather.

“This weather has people just anxious to get in their yards and in their gardens to get planting,” Borwick said. “We had thought about waiting until mid-April to open, but we can’t keep back the public. Their faces are against the window and they can’t wait to get out here.”

Borwick has owned the greenhouse for nearly 50 years. She said some gardeners need a reminder on what plants can survive through cold temperatures, but the more experienced green thumbs already have a plan for their plants.

“Most of the April 1 people will buy pansies or something that can take a mild frost, maybe buy a new pot,” Borwick said. “That’s the best approach for this early in the season.”

The greenhouse will continue to sell plants through mid-June.