WAREHOUSE DEBATE: City Approves Bond Proposal

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A public meeting was held Tuesday night on a controversial project to build a warehouse near Southeast Polk High School.

Despite a petition and calls to allow residents to vote on a $4.5 million bond issue, the city says it’s in favor of passing the bond that would provide  street improvements near the proposed warehouse location.

The proposed one million square foot warehouse would sit on 71 acres about half-mile from the high school at the intersection of University Avenue and 75th Street.

City Attorney, Bob Josten, commended petitioners for caring about the city, but says this issue is about “essential corporate purposes” and therefore cannot be petitioned for a public referendum, as residents are requesting.

Opponents, like Concerned Citizens for Southeast Polk, say the location of the warehouse would increase traffic — posing a danger to students also driving in the area.

“They presented a plan that was very family friendly. The voters relied on that when they passed the bond to build a beautiful new school there and we’re just asking Pleasant Hill to keep its promise,” explained Tyler Smith of Concerned Citizens of Southeast Polk before the city council meeting.

The group has hired legal representation and plan to respond to the city’s position within two weeks.


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