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Waiver Granted for Twin Cedars School District After Staff Members Test Positive for COVID-19


MARION COUNTY, Iowa — The Iowa Department of Public Health has given the Twin Cedars School District approval to move online for two weeks.

Multiple staff members there tested positive for COVID-19, meaning that a majority of the elementary school would have to be quarantined. This also means that the school cannot participate in sports for the next two weeks — impacting 11 previously scheduled events.

Twin Cedars is located in Bussey in Marion County, which has a high enough positivity average for the waiver to be granted, according to state guidelines.

The district released this statement on what is next for the district:\

Today we want to provide you an update on the Covid 19 situation and how it is impacting the Twin Cedars Community School District. On Monday, August 24th , the district applied for a waiver from the Iowa Department of Education, and it was granted. This waiver will allow the district to offer instruction virtually. This remote virtual instruction will begin on Thursday August 27th. Face to Face instruction at Twin Cedars will resume on Tuesday September 8th. During this time of virtual remote instruction, all at school activities and sports will be paused according to State guidelines. Sport practices and activities will resume on Tuesday September 8th.

We acknowledge that we have Junior and Senior staff as well as multiple elementary school staff that have tested positive for COVID-19. Through contact tracing, no students in the Junior and Senior high school have been identified as a close contact with a positive case. Elementary school parents have been previously notified of their students’ quarantine status. No student athletes have been identified as having close contact with any personnel having tested positive for Covid-19.

Twin Cedars Community School is appreciative of the support from the Marion County Public Health, Iowa Department of Public Health and the Iowa Department of Education in dealing with this trying situation.

We look forward to this experience passing quickly. We look forward to Tuesday September 8th when we can resume Face to Face learning and activities with our students.

Brian VanderSluis, Superintendent


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