Voting Now Open for Naming of Blank Park Zoo’s Lion Cubs


(Courtesy: Blank Park Zoo)

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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  The Blank Park Zoo is home to three lion cubs, and the public is being asked to help give them names.

Five cubs were born on November 14th, but only three of them survived–two females and a male. Voting for names of these cubs remains open through January 16th at Noon. The possible names and their meanings are as follow:

Asha (ah-sha): life

Amara (ah-mar-a): immortal

Safiya (sa-fee-ya): pure

Amani (ah-mon-ee): desires, wishes

Kali (kaw-lee): fierce, sharp


Jabari (ja-bar-ee): the brave one

Bontu (bon-too): happy

Noahli (no-ah-lee): rest, comfort


To vote for your favorite name, visit The winning names will be announced on January 19th.


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