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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa- Friday Omaha contractor Rick Poole wrecked is truck, veering for a deer. He got two black eyes, and some cuts, but no life threatening injuries.

“The 911 guy was on the phone with me the whole time he was awesome,” said Poole. “He wouldn’t let me hang up, I kept on trying to pull my leg he said Rick don’t do that.”

After he was rescued, he realized his puppy, Oso was nowhere to be found. He wasn’t sure if the dog ran off, or was killed in the accident.

“We were contacted early Saturday morning, Rick’s daughter they said that they were from out-of-town, but that he was in town and in accident, and they couldn’t find the puppy,” said Austin Gillis, of the Diamond in the Ruff Animal Rescue. “I said we hadn’t had anything turned in, but we’re gonna put a message out, to give me a picture of what this puppy looks like.”

For over 36 hours after the accident volunteers searched, even the police and first responders initially looked for the pup. Then volunteers were able to lure the dog out by placing one of Rick’s shirts near some food by the crash site. They also brought out another young puppy to maybe draw Oso out.

That strategy worked, one volunteer spotted the dog on the other side of the fence near the crash site.

“So many of you came together to find this one little pup it’s just you don’t know what it did to me lose him for those two days,” said Poole. “Then we had that phone call that you’re out here with him I just couldn’t believe it because I thought for sure he possibly died.”

We’re a foster based nonprofit organization located in Marshalltown, Tama area founded in 2014,” said Lisa Tichy, founder of Diamond in the Ruff. “We have volunteers that help neglect cases abuse cases, and reuniting pets with owners.”

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