PALMER, Iowa — Cleanup work returned to high gear on Friday in the town of Palmer in Pocahontas County. Crews took four wheelers, and tractors and wagons to pick up large amounts of debris strewn across the fields by the EF-2 tornado here Tuesday night.

For John and Gloria Aden the past couple of days have been a blur. Dozens of friends and family members, and people from the Faith Community Church came to assist with the cleanup. The couple spent today reflecting on what they have been through.

“We were here, he was kind of watching the weather and normally he doesn’t come in from the machine shed until 7 o’clock or 7:30,” said Gloria. “He came in he says it’s feeling funny out there, and he has Parkinson’s so he moves kind of slow so anyway.”

John agreed, he never likes to come into the house early, but on this night he felt he needed to alert his wife to the changing weather.

“I never come to the house that early. I kept telling Gloria we got to watch out for something,” said John.

This couple has lived at the farm for sixty years, and they raised their family here. Of late John and Gloria were transitioning out of farming, to the next generation.

When they heard broadcast weather warnings, they decided to head for the basement.

“We really didn’t hear anything down there and then we heard a clunk, like it was tearing wood or something and that was about it,” said  Gloria. “Then it was fine and then I went toward the living room and I saw our two big windows are out and then about that time here comes two people  into our house, and say ‘are you OK?”

The two were storm chasers from Cedar Rapids. The first thing Gloria did was offer them some cookies, in true Iowa form, but they said they had to go.

John and Gloria both count on their faith to pull them through adversity.

“We’re Christians and the Lord‘s been taking care of us,” said Gloria. “Our son died of cancer a year ago so anyway everything‘s been changing.”

The couple also got some encouragement from their pastor at the nearby Faith Community Church.

“God is faithful and he’s always he knows the whole story and he is awesome to us,” said Gloria.

The couple also has help from two daughters who have been on hand to assist through the trial they are experiencing this week.

The cleanup crews got so much done in the fields there is no planned volunteer effort for Saturday.