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Virtual Martial Arts Keeps Families Active During School and Gym Closures


ANKENY, Iowa — A martial arts school is keeping kids active virtually while school is canceled and gyms are closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dojo’s Family Martial Arts is offering online classes via Zoom.

Teachers can still connect one-on-one since they can see the students on the screen. Mustafa Jahic with Dojo’s Family Martial Arts hopes this will help students deal with mental stress, anxiety, and a lack of activity.

He also wants to continue promoting a positive attitude and character skills. Jahic said we can all relax during this stressful time by taking a deep breath and thinking about what makes you happy.

“Social media is one thing that doesn’t make me happy, and what I do is through my classes and through me teaching, I want to see what students are doing really well. What are your goals, and reevaluate your goals. We have a lot of time now, so figure out what your goals are and let’s achieve them,” said Jahic.

Dojo’s Family Martial Arts will offer a free beginner class for anyone in the community. Call to sign up for the class.


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