VIOLETS FIGHT: Toddler Fights Cancer And Poverty

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Little Violet Potter has experienced more problems in her one and a half years of life than most of us will see in a lifetime.  Her family is homeless; right now they're staying with a relative.  She has five brothers and sisters, so money is very tight.  And to top it all off--Violets parents just found out she has cancer.




"My heart just broke." says Violets dad, Rod Potter,  "I mean literally my heart just felt like it shattered in a million pieces...I'm not going to lie.  I cried. I cried and it's been a while since I cried.  In fact I haven't cried since my grandfather's funeral but I cried. It tore me up."




"Violet has Neuroblastoma." says Doctor Nicholas Fustino of Blank Children's Hospital, "It's a tumor of the nerve cells that line the spinal cord area and the vertebrae. This is a tumor that's pretty rare in children.  Only about five to six hundred kids in the United States will get this every year."




The family needs a clean home and money to help pay for medical costs. If you would like to help, donations are being accepted at any Veridian Credit Union branch.  A fund has been set up for Violet Potter. 


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