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UNITED STATES  —  For the first time this millennium, vinyl is predicted to become a billion dollar industry, according to consulting firm Deloitte.

Now, as CNN’s Mary Moloney reports, some companies want to appeal a younger market: toddlers.

For music lovers, there’s something special about listening to vinyl.

“You drop the needle on the record, you get the warm pop and crackle, it’s sort of like a fireplace,” said Michael Kurtz, co-founder of Record Store Day. “It’s very comforting.”

It’s also profitable.

This year, Deloitte expects about 40 million vinyl records to be sold, which comes out to about $900 million in sales. Record players and other accessories brings the business of vinyl to the billion dollar mark.

Kurtz says 10 years ago this was an unthinkable feat.

Companies like Disney and Fisher Price are jumping on the vinyl train and releasing records aimed at kids, like one from Thomas and Friends called Steam, Rattle & Roll Thomas.

“Similar to reading a book, when you are listening to just the record, you are left to your own imagination to really paint the picture,” said Kevin McMahon, content producer for Fisher Price. “We saw these kids immediately become captivated with the rotating record, the speed dials, reversing, things like that. And just having something that they can touch really kind of captivated them right away.”

Although vinyl sales are rising, it still plays second fiddle to music streaming. Al in all, total vinyl record sales make up about six percent of all recorded music sales.